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Click Tip - Thursday, September 27th, 2012 - Find What Works, Drop What Doesn’t

Research is a vital part in continuously optimizing your pay per click campaigns. It’s important to find out what works and what doesn’t. Running a preemptive AdWords Campaign can give you insight into which advertising tag lines attract the most attention, and which keywords give you the greatest CTR. It’s best to develop your official AdWords Campaign with solid statistical information. Over time you’ll realize certain ads will not get you the ROI you need. If you come across an ad that is not working, drop it from your campaign. It is more important to refine what is working than to fix what’s not.

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Click Tip - Saturday, September 15th, 2012 - Tips For Battling Click Fraud

It’s always important to be proactive when battling click fraud on your PPC campaign. Along with utilizing a third party tracking software such as, additional measures can be taken on your end to ensure the most successful ROI. ClickReport has compiled some additional tips for deterring click fraud attempts on your PPC campaign.

1. Install Geographic Targeting Tools- By targeting your advertisements to only consumers in specific areas, you’ll reduce the opportunity for malicious clickers to view and click on your ads. Often times click fraud companies will outsource their fraudulent activity to a third party in a different location, and if your ad is only being displayed in relevant areas you're greatly reducing your chances of click fraud attacks.

2. Monitor Keywords- Be on the lookout for suspicious keyword activity, such as a spike in searches on a specific keyword, or a dramatic difference in your click through rates and conversions. These statistics are often red flags and can indicate foul play or fraudulent activity attempts on your campaign.

3. Protect Your Online Forms- Install a captcha on your contact form submission to prevent robots from filling out fraudulent contact information on your site.

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Click Tip - Friday, September 07th, 2012 - Utilizing Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail keywords are three to four word phrases that, when used collectively, are more specific than a single keyword by itself. As a general rule, long tail keywords typically drive higher conversion rates because they are more buyer specific. These high converting terms are typically used further down the purchase funnel, after the initial research phase has been completed by a user, making them more relevant than early-funnel research terms.

Along with the benefit of driving higher conversion volume, long-tail keywords typically have a much higher ROI because they're less competitive to rank for organically, and less expensive to bid on for PPC.

When a customer uses a highly specific search phrase, they tend to be looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy. In most cases, these very specific searches are likely to convert to sales compared to generic keyword searches that are more likely being used by consumers during the “research” phase of a buying cycle. For example:

You could be an electronics store and rank well for “flat screen tvs,” but a generic term such as that may not give you the most qualified leads? If you rank well for “where can a 50 inch flat screen tv,” however, you’ll be narrowing down your leads to only solid, qualified potential customers.

Where do you get started? The best way to create a list of long tail keywords is to think like your customer. What do they need? What key questions they might have about your product? What is valuable to them (Cheap, Brand name etc.)? What phrases are they most likely entering into their search engines? (You can utilize the AdWords Search Query Report as a resource for finding additional long-tailed keywords based on actual search queries.)

Ask yourself these questions and you’ve got a solid foundation for building your list of long-tail keywords!

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