Three Easy Ways to Optimize Your PPC Campaign for Maximum ROI

Pay per click (PPC) advertising on platforms like Google Ads is a fantastic way to boost your marketing campaigns and get people to commit to your brand, but without closely monitoring and tweaking your campaigns, it can be an easy way to lose money.

Here are our top three tips to optimize your PPC campaign to ensure you guarantee the best return on investment (ROI) and stop the wrong target audiences from clicking on your ads.

Optimize your website

When it comes to Google Ads, many people think that once they drove visitors to the website, the hard work is over and they can relax. However, this is the wrong approach to take!

When people get to your website, you need to keep them there and ensure they convert, whether that is by purchasing your product, requesting a quote, sending you an email or signing up to your newsletter.

Review the page your ad takes visitors to. Is there a better page to send people to? Is the content straightforward? Does your page content load fast? Is there a definitive call to action that is easy to find?

People only have an attention span of eight seconds. If your visitor cannot find what they need in that time and leaves your site, this could harm your PPC campaign moving forward.

Utilize negative keywords

Phrase match and broad match keywords can be a great way of showcasing your ad campaigns to new audiences, but the risk of this is your ad could be served to the wrong people. If they click on your ad, then you’ve essentially paid money for nothing.

However, you can set up negative keywords at ad group, campaign and account level. This means if someone searches for a specific keyword or phrase, then your ad will not be displayed.

As an example, if you sell women’s clothing, you can exclude keywords from people searching for men’s and children’s clothing, as the odds are they will not be interested in what you sell.

To create a negative keyword list, go to your keywords list, select the words you want to exclude and click add negative keyword.

Review your ad groups

You want to make sure the ads you serve are as targeted as possible. As tempting as it is to throw all your search terms into one big ad group for convenience, this is not the best strategy to take.

It is best to have small ad groups with a few keywords in so you can target the ad wording and landing page to a specific audience. This will help your ads convert and give you the best return on investment.

Have you ever heard of the Single Keyword Ad Group, or SKAG for short? This is where you only have variations of one keyword in your ad group. An ad agency grew its clickthrough rate by an amazing 28% by moving to SKAG! It may take time to set up, but the results are worth it.

So there you have it… three easy ways to boost your PPC account and grow your ROI!

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