How Ad Customizers Can Improve Your Google Ads Campaign

Ad customizers

If you are looking to increase your conversion rate, personalizing your Google Ads can be a great way to make your search ads stand out over your competitors.

Four out of five customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a company that provides an experience personalized to them.

An ad customizer can let you add highly targeted information to your ad, increasing the odds of searchers clicking on it.

This article shows you how to use ad customizers in Google Ads, but you can also use them in Microsoft Advertising too.

How to add ad customizers to your ad copy

To add an ad customizer to your Google Ads account, you need to download the Google ad customize data template and add in your custom attributes. You can then upload your template to your Google Ads account by going to business data and ad customizer data.

You can update the information in the spreadsheet at any time; just download and reupload.

The next step is to add your ad customizer to your ad copy. You can place an ad customizer anywhere in your text ad apart from the final URL field. At this moment in time, you can’t use them in responsive ads.

An ad customizer is a parameter that goes within a {curly bracket}. When a web user is served your ad, the parameter is replaced by dynamic text.

More information about setting up ad customizers on the Google website

This is quite advanced Google Ads technology, so don’t worry if it looks complicated. A PPC specialist will be happy to implement it on your behalf.

How you can use ad customizers in your Google Ads

Let’s say that you own a range of brick-and-mortar stores across the country.

When you add a list of your store locations into the data template and add the relevant tag into your ad copy, the nearest location to your customer will automatically be inserted into the ad.

You can even add a custom offer that is exclusive to each store location.

Other ad customizers you can use

There are other ad customizers available that you can insert into your search ad.

You don’t need to upload the customize data template to use these.

·       {KeyWord: Default Text} – this customizer will insert the search query that was used into your ad copy, making the advert bespoke to the user. If the user’s search query is too long, the default text will be used instead

·       {=COUNTDOWN} -  this customizer lets you add a countdown timer to your advert, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging your prospective customer to click

·       {=IF} -this customizer will let you adjust your message depending on different parameters. For example, you can change the message for people searching on mobile, or who are in a different demographic

Use ad customizers to personalize your ad copy and watch your click-through rates increase!

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