Three Things That Make a Good Landing Page for a PPC Ad

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You’ve carefully chosen your keywords, spent ages refining your ad copy and made it absolutely irresistible. Once you’ve got people to click on your ad and go through to your site the hard work is done… right?! When visitors get to your website, you need to have the perfect landing page so they will convert, whether that is signing up to your newsletter, requesting a quote, or buying your products.

A high-quality landing page will do more than result in increased leads and sales. If your landing page is relevant and enticing, you can increase your quality score, resulting in high-ranking ads and a reduced ad spend. For example, in Google Ads, if you achieve a quality score of 10 for a keyword, you can save up to 50%!

Here are our top three tips for making your landing page a perfect fit for your visitors.

1. Ensure it is clear and concise

Some people think that the more content on your page, the more likely visitors are to stick around, but the reverse is true.

Did you know users are likely to only read 20% of the content on a web pageYou need to make sure every word of your content counts. Get rid of the jargon, use headings and bullet points to make your page easier to read and top load your content so the key points are at the very top of the page.

Our top tip? Limit the external links on your landing page. You don’t want to encourage your visitors to click away from your content.

2. Make sure your page looks great on mobile

Your landing page may look fantastic on desktop, but how does it look on mobile and tablet? It’s estimated that nearly three out of four people will only use their phones to access the internet in the next few years, so you need to ensure you don’t lose out on any conversions.

Test your landing page on mobile to make sure it works. Are the buttons nice and large so people can click on them? If there are forms on the page is there minimal typing required? Does the page load quickly?

Designing pages with mobile in mind will help your conversion rate to skyrocket!

3. Create a call to action that your visitors can’t say no to

Your call to action (CTA) will be what your visitor clicks on to convert, so make it as enticing as you can! Things to consider include:

  • Make it as prominent as possible, keep it above the fold and repeat it multiple times if you are using long-form content
  • Stick to one distinct CTA on each page. If you have different CTAs, you risk confusing your visitors
  • Test different things to see what works best. For example, does changing the button color or heading result in more conversions? Make small changes and check your analytics to see if they have worked
We hope these tips have given you some insight into how to create the perfect landing page!

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