Top 3 Pay Per Click Tips for 2015

In 2015 you should resolve to do the very best and sometimes that means reviewing the fundamentals to make sure that everything is working as it should. If you pay attention to the basics of good pay per click advertising, the rest will take care of itself. So instead of trying to figure out some fancy and sophisticated strategy, take a serious look at these components of an effective PPC operation.

1. Know Your Traffic

Exactly where are all those visitors coming from? Data from keywords can be gathered and paired up with match types to give a good indication of where you need to focus your attention. Google can do a broad match of keywords to unimportant queries, and allows an idea of whether or not the match types you are using may need some fine tuning. Any broad match or phrase match of keywords is best used to capture those queries that an exact match doesn’t come up with. Taking a look at match type also gives an indication if the negatives you employ are doing the job you want them to do. The search query report is not something that you should ignore. In fact, this has to be something that is a routine administrative task. The problem can arise is a great keyword that happens to be used in a number of match types may result in problems. Taking a look at the search query report can help you decide how to best position ad groups. It also gives you the chance to take a look at original query material to determine whether or not it can create usable keywords.

2. Do Not Ignore Ad Text

Anyone who is taking a look at an advertisement must be able see something that will quickly resolve any question or need. That by itself can encourage a browser to take one step forward and click. It also means the quality score is increased, the cost per click can be lowered, and an average position that is better will result. Brand names have to be employed carefully. There is a temptation to use them in numerous queries. These may not always correspond to a given search query, which renders the effort useless. The brand name must be tied directly to what is being asked in the search or extraneous results could occur.

3. Testing, Testing, Testing

If you forgot to have a strategy for testing ad text last year that is a bad habit that you have to do away with. Not testing the text is going to lead to poor decisions and you cannot afford to have that problem. This does not have to be highly complex at all. It can be as easy as doing an ad text test that has a set number of ads per group. The ads can be nearly identical with perhaps one small change to differentiate. These can be placed into a rotation until sufficient statistics for analysis have been gathered. At this point in the testing the text which is not doing well is replaced with a new one that is a little bit different. Other variables like the call to action can be tested to see what ultimately the best is. Having a good program for testing the ad text is going to minimize any possible problems and produce more desirable ad results. It is a new year and you can think of other ways to fine-tune pay per click activity. Just try something a little bit different and be willing to adjust any deficiencies that may be surfacing. Knowing the traffic and testing will allow for better decisions when it comes to editing. A good ad text is going to produce the clicks you want. It is critical that you do not ignore the small things. These are going to cripple your effectiveness in the long run.

The months ahead in 2015 should be ones that generate the kind of PPC activity you want to have. They can also be days when the CPC is at the low rates you want them to be. The ways to boost effectiveness are not always time-consuming or tedious efforts. They can be part of the daily routine with a weekly review. The result can be a campaign that is moving with all engines roaring.


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Paul Smith
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