Is Google Biting The Hand That Feeds Them?

New Tracking Tool Stops Wasted "Clicks" from Draining PPC Budgets

TAMPA, Florida, April 16, 2008 - To help businesses obtain optimal value from their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising efforts, ClickReport LLC today announces the availability of its proprietary PPC tracking tool, ClickReportTM. ClickReport is the only easy-to-use, low-cost and effective PPC tracking tool that helps businesses stop Google from collecting income from repeat "clickers," or people who "click" on a sponsored ad link multiple times.

ClickReport offers an immense value to any PPC advertising campaign in three key ways.

Real-Time Click Monitoring - ClickReport monitors clicks made to an advertiser's sponsored links. It then sends via email real-time alerts to the advertiser when it detects "click abuse" or repeat clickers from the same IP address or the same identical visitor. Unlike Google, ClickReport provides advertisers with the actual IP addresses of people who have clicked on a specific sponsored link. Advertisers can then take immediate action to block the IP addresses of repeat clickers, ensuring that only genuinely interested customers are clicking on a company's sponsored links.

Repeat Clicker Warnings - ClickReport enables advertisers to create customizable pop-in messages when it detects a unique user clicking on the same sponsored link multiple times. Advertisers can create up to four customizable pop-in messages - which can get stronger each time - saying something to the effect of, "Thanks for coming back, but do us a favor and bookmark our site." This encourages repeat clickers to discontinue clicking on a sponsored link and enables a company to salvage its PPC advertising budget.

Server Down Alerts - ClickReport sends an email notice to advertisers advising them to pause their PPC ad campaigns when the tool detects that a server is down. This enables an advertiser to avoid potential clicks on a sponsored link when the page is not found. Google continues to charge for clicks to sponsored ads even when the page is not found.

"Although pay-per-click advertising is an effective way to drive customers to a website, we found that Google has done little to correct major flaws and abuses to the system. If a company doesn't properly protect itself from repeat clickers, it's likely their ad budgets will only pad the pockets of multi-billion dollar giants like Google," says Robert Ward, Co Founder, ClickReport LLC.

Ward also notes that PPC advertisers can and should be more proactive in managing their PPC ad campaign funds.

He adds, "The Google's of the world don't want businesses to use ClickReport because they make money from every click on a sponsored link, even for wasted clicks. But advertisers should beware, as what's good for the Google isn't always good for the gander."

ClickReport is compatible with PPC campaigns on most major search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Monthly subscriptions to ClickReport are available online at and cost $19.99/month.

About ClickReport - Launched in April 2008, ClickReport is the only pay-per-click (PPC) tracking software specifically created with the small- and mid-sized business owner in mind. This affordable, reliable and simple click tracking solution empowers companies to identify repeat clickers and block them from clicking on their sponsored ads and wasting valuable ad spend. ClickReport provides immense value to businesses that are looking to optimize every PPC ad dollar. For more information about ClickReport, please visit

About ClickReport LLC - ClickReport LLC is owned by Layton Technology, Inc. and Jon Hunt Associates Limited. The company offers a cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-use pay-per-click monitoring solution called ClickReport.

Tampa, Florida, August 25, 2006 - It is enough of a challenge to keep up with the daily maintenance of a business web site, but dealing with click fraud is an added challenge that most webmasters struggle to deal with - now there is help.

ClickReport is a completely free, independent and unbiased pay per click (pay per click) auditing solution designed to identify if a web site is the victim of fraudulent clicks on their pay per click advertising campaigns.

ClickReport reports exactly who has clicked on any pay per click advertisement, and details the IP address, keyword used, and cookie or user session together with a date and time stamp.

"Webmasters have to keep up with the competition," said Robert Ward, president of the company. "And, keeping up with fraudulent behavior and tackling it, is part of the job."

ClickReport provides clients with a daily email which details their pay per click activity. In addition, they can log into their account 24/7 to view real-time information for all their pay per click campaigns.

The web site offers an array of services that allows webmasters to view this information at-a-glance. ClickReport compiles statistics every time a user clicks on a client's advertisement. ClickReport uses these statistics to generate meaningful reports on traffic generated by an advertisement.

Currently, the following information is provided in the daily reports: IP address; cookie ID and session ID; referring search engine; keywords used; URL tag; warning level; date and time.

"Our service can also provide valuable information to webmasters so they can analyze pay per click advertising campaigns," Ward explained. "Webmasters can take the information in each report and analyze the keywords used by visitors. This provides the advantage of being able to modify ad campaigns to maximize the click-through rate."

The features that provides also enables webmasters to perform an array of functions that include being able to accurately detect and document pay per click fraud, recoup fraudulent click expenses from pay per click search engines, identify IP addresses that are frequent clickers or even fraudsters, receive completely unbiased and accurate details on the number of click throughs a campaign has received, and improve web site lead generation and pay per click conversion rates.

"The threat of click fraud has become so severe," Ward explained, "that a January 2006 issue of 'Newsweek,' reported Google's CFO as identifying click fraud as a significant threat to the entire Google business model."

ClickReport's mission is to "put the smile back into pay per click advertising" and help their clients to avoid becoming victims of pay per click fraud.

About ClickReport - ClickReport, LLC is owned by Layton Technology, Inc. of Florida and Jon Hunt Associates Limited Headquartered in the United Kingdom. The company provides free pay per click monitoring services to webmasters.