Two Secrets to Outbidding Your PPC Competition

There is a very basic premise to PPC traffic: the person who can afford to bid the most for traffic gets the most traffic.

But how can you afford to out bid your competitors?

There are two main strategies to accomplish this:

1.  Capture the lead.

If you are buying traffic and sending it straight to your offer or product without first capturing the leads, you are literally throwing money out the window.  Seriously, just get in your car, roll down the windows, drive around town and throw fists full of hundred dollar bills out the windows.

Once you have captured leads through a squeeze page or data capture form, you can set up an auto responder to repeatedly market to them.  And don’t be afraid to be aggressive with your marketing.  Some people are afraid of upsetting their leads with their emails.  But if you are not upsetting some people, you are likely leaving money on the table.  The goal is to get your leads to say “Yes” or “No”.   The purpose of your auto responder is to determine whether or not a lead is a good customer for you.  If your emails generate a significant number of opt-outs, good.  Get the pikers out of the way.  They weren’t going to buy anyway.

2.   Build out your back-end.

You may be saying, “Sure Dave, that works for you, but my business is different.”  Nonsense.  Every business can offer up-sells or additional products to their customers.  Surely you’ve heard one of the most effective up-sells in history: “Would you like fries with that?”  Find the equivalent for your business.

So how do these two strategies allow you to outbid your competition?  Very simple: they make you more profitable, which means you can afford to outbid your competition.  In other words, if you successfully increase the value of each new customer, you can afford to pay more to acquire new customers.

This week's Click Tip provided by:

Dave Clabeaux
Internet Marketing Expert

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