How to Find the Best Junk Removal Keywords for Your PPC Campaign

PPC ads are an effective tool for driving relevant traffic to your business website. Stats show that 46% of clicks in Google search results are received by the top three PPC ads. However, it is important that you target the right keywords to land yourself new clients. That means, if you run a junk removal business, for instance, and your PPC campaigns are not producing the expected results, it is likely because you are not targeting the right junk removal keywords. The competition is fierce, and you need to be spot on with your PPC campaigns to make the most of your marketing dollar.

So, how should junk removal companies find the best keywords related to their business to drive more targeted traffic? Let’s explore!

Finding The Best Junk Removal Keywords

There are various effective strategies to find the best junk removal keywords for your business. Here we have shortlisted a few for you.

1. Analyze Your Competitors And Target Their Keywords

Of course, you shouldn’t be copying every move of your competitors, but you can always benefit by ranking for the same keywords they are targeting. It makes perfect sense that you wouldn’t even be in the competition if you skip those keywords. So, target the same keywords and try outranking your competitors for these search terms. Tools like SpyFu and Ahrefs can be of great help here. Once you have the list of keywords, target them effectively in your PPC campaigns and also craft content around these keywords that surpasses what’s offered by your competitors.

2. Leverage Long-Tail Keywords

While it may be tempting to use more generic keywords like “junk removal” or “trash removal”, it is always a good idea to target long-tail keywords. Yes, shorter keywords do have certain advantages and shouldn’t be completely ruled out, but longer keywords can be effective to target more detailed search queries where the users are looking for something specific. When you have something that matches the search query closely, you have a higher chance of a conversion.

3. Focus On Branded Keywords

Targeting branded keywords always gets you more out of your PPC campaigns. Branded keywords are the ones that feature your brand name and that of your competitors’. Some people do run searches looking for a particular business, and it might be yours too. Of course, you’d not want to skip on such keywords and let your prospects see the competitors’ PPC ads when they come looking.

4. Target Keyword Variations

To extend your keyword list further, you should target keyword variants and different synonyms. For instance, when targeting “junk removal”, you should also use variations of the main keyword like “junk removal services”, “professional junk removal services”, “junk removal near me”, etc. It will help you capture audiences that might search with a similar search term and not an exact match.

Best Junk Removal Keywords For Your PPC Campaign

To make your job easier, we have shortlisted the top 10 junk removal keywords that will help produce better results. You can use these keywords both for your PPC ads and SEO.


Search Volume

junk removal


junk removal near me


trash removal


mattress disposal


junk pick up


mattress disposal near me


trash removal near me


furniture removal


yard waste removal


junk removal service


Junk Removal FAQs People Are Searching For

Here are some junk removal FAQs that people seek answers to, and they make great headings for your landing pages or blog posts.

  • How do I prepare for junk removal?
  • What does junk removal consist of?
  • How much does junk removal cost?
  • How much is junk removal?
  • How much does junk removal service cost?
  • Should I tip junk removal?
  • How much to tip junk removal?
  • What do junk removal companies do with the junk?

Finding the best junk removal keywords for your PPC campaigns will streamline things and allow you to make the most of your marketing budget. Start experimenting today with the keywords given above or by finding new keywords yourself.

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