5 PPC Time Saving Tools

Maintaining PPC accounts can be pain staking for business owners who know that time is equal to money. Thankfully there are tools available that make the process less tedious. If you're focused on efficiency, here are the tools and features we'd recommend.

Google Ads Editor

Google Ads editor is a desktop application that allows paid search managers to make batch changes to their campaigns. It's particularly time saving when tweaking, or overhauling ad group structure. What makes Google Ads editor so great, is the flexibility it provides in making bulk changes. Google Ads editor allows managers to copy and paste ad elements like keywords, negative keywords, and ad text, across multiple ad groups or campaigns.

Scheduled Reports

Using the scheduled reports feature of Google Ads is a great way to save time. The schedule reports feature generates and delivers key reports to a specified email inbox. By scheduling reports, anyone can monitor PPC performance and review metrics without having to login to Google Ads.

Automated Rules
Google Ads automated rules can be used to execute tedious and repetitive PPC tasks like increasing a bids on all keywords as ROI rises. The more tasks that you can link to rules, the more automated your campaign can be. Any automated changes that are made can later be reviewed in the Google Ads changes log.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel can be the ultimate time saver in any paid search campaign. Excel allows paid searchers the flexibility of making bulk changes quickly, as well as the organization of having all the essential data for decision making in one spreadsheet. For Bing Ad campaigns, we've found that Excel to be a far more efficient tool than Bing Ads Editor.

ClickReport.com Real-time E-mail Alerts

ClickReport.com's real-time email alerts feature saves paid searchers time when monitoring landing pages. After enabling live alerts and installing a PPC landing page script, members will receive instant notification when click fraud is occurring. Real time-time live alerts acts as a set-it and forget-it solution to click fraud, and makes monitoring landing pages simple.

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