adCenter Rolls Out IP Exclusion Tool

Microsoft adCenter has just rolled out their new IP exclusion feature! This tool, much like the Google Ads IP exclusion tool, will allow advertisers to prevent their PPC ads from being displayed to certain IP addresses. Blocking advertisements from suspicious IP addresses can prevent malicious click fraud attacks, pilfered ad copy, and the depletion of your PPC budget. By using’s IP address reports, you can determine exactly which IP addresses are clicking on your ads, their geographical location, and the number of times they’ve clicked on your ads. Subscribers to can configure alert settings that deliver instant email notifications of suspicious IP address activity. With our immediate notification system, and adCenter’s new IP exclusion, you can identify and stop a potential click fraud attack in real-time.

Directions for blocking an IP Address(es) in adCenter: 

1. Log into your adCenter account. 
2. Click Campaigns located along the top of the page.
3. Click the Campaigns tab located in the middle of the page.
4. Click the campaign (in the Campaign column) where you want to add the exclusion.
5. Click Settings
6. If not already expanded, click Advanced settings.
7. If not already expanded, click Exclusions
8. In the second box, enter the IP addresses that you want to be blocked from seeing your ads. Enter one IP address per line. You can also add a range of addresses using a wildcard character (*).
9. After you are done making your changes, click Save

adCenter Notes:


  • IP exclusions must be added at the campaign level, not the ad group level.
  • You can exclude a maximum of 100 IP addresses (or IP address ranges) per campaign.


You can only exclude IPv4 addresses. These addresses must include all four octets, each with an integer that ranges from 0 - 255. Only the last octet can be a wildcard character (*). For example,127.0.0.*. This would include all IP addresses from to

For more information, or to view the instructions on blocking an IP Address in Google Ads, visit our FAQ page

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