Measuring the Importance of Brands in Your PPC Campaigns

Many people who do PPC campaigns believe that there is a simple formula to measure the campaigns success. The formula that many people use is X number of clicks resulted in Y sales; therefore, each click costs Z amount. Before you fall into this error, stop and consider the effect of brand and name reputation on the campaign. Part of the reason that this is often ignored, is that it can be very hard to measure.

The PPC campaigner needs to consider the value of image and branding that may not be measured in this simple formula. Other PPC campaigners feel that if they spend X amount of money on their campaigns, then the sales should go up at least X amount. This formula is not reliable either, as it ignores other factors that influenced sales.

When campaigning with images and brand names, it is important to consider sales that come from your campaign showing the audience the image as opposed to a clear click-to-action. If you notice that all your campaigns go up at the same time, then it could be a result of the branding campaign. 

Try this experiment:

  1. Choose a PPC keyword where you already rank high organically
  2. Add a branding message to the PPC keyword
  3. Add a call-to-action leading the viewer to an organic site
  4. Add creativity
  5. Measure results
  6. Compare results to results without the brand making sure to consider the impressions view

An example of what this might look like. Your keyword is holiday season. You are trying to sell Bob’s Nuts. So your campaign might be Add some Bob’s Nuts to your holiday table this holiday season. Run this campaign and measure the results. Then take the brand name out and run the campaign again. The difference is the result of putting in a brand name. In most cases, the PPC campaign will be very successful, and you now know the importance of adding a branding message to your PPC campaign.

This week's Click Tip provided by:

Paul Smith
Pay Per Click Consultant

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