Analyzing Your PPC Data Like a Mega-Corporation

If you talk to the manager of a large box store, they will tell you that they do not even have to interact with customers or employees to know what is happening in their stores. This is how mega-corporations manage to run many different locations at the same time. It should be the same way for your PPC report. You should be able to tell what is happening with your various campaigns, without ever seeing your campaign ads or talking to a customer. This can be easily accomplished if you know what data to collect and how to tweak your campaign based on those results.

1. Know Your General Traffic

The first piece of data that you will want to make sure to collect is the amount of general traffic. Just like the manager of a large box store, you need to know how many customers saw your ads. Knowing the total number of customers that see your ads is not enough, you need to know:

  • Which hours of the day the customers responded to your ad
  • Which days of the week customers responded to your ad
  • Average position conversion
  • Average click per conversion
  • View through conversion

When you are armed with this material, then you can make your return on investment even larger. That is the reason that big box stores keep track of the customers that walk through their stores, the average length of stay in the store, and compare them to sales.

2. Analyze Hours of the Day and Day of the Week

When you know the hours and days of the week that the most people are responding to your ads, then you can put out more ads during that time assuming they are not too expensive.

3. Compare Against Impression Share

Now that you have this report, there is one more analysis that you need to complete. Compare your hours of the day and day of the week report to your impression share. When you compare these two reports, then you can plainly see what hours during the day and what days of the week, you stand to make the most improvements. Remember to compare the budget, the impression share, to the potential. Only when you keep all three in mind are you ready to make adjustments.

4. Make Adjustments

Now, you are armed with the information that you need to make adjustments. By now, you know when your ads are performing the weakest. If your budget does not allow you to push these ads into sight, then consider if it is time to even further decrease your spending in these areas, so that you can spend even more when your ads are going to be seen. On the other hand, you may discover that there are times of day and days of the week that you need to spend a little more. Do not forget that you need to analyze after you make the changes to make sure your plan is succeeding.

Just like the mega-corporation, you need to be analyzing your ads on a regular basis. Then, like the mega-corporation, you need to make changes to your PPC campaign based on those changes. When you do this, you will soon discover that your impression share improves drastically, and you are making more return on investment than ever before.


This week's Click Tip provided by:

Paul Smith
Pay Per Click Consultant

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