Two Steps to Fighting Click Spammers

So you’ve been monitoring your Google Ads campaigns and have discovered some particularly low click-through rates. Part of this could be that click spammers, searchers who click on your ads solely to deplete your budget, are attacking your account. So, what's the most effective way of fighting back? If you've signed up for a ClickReport account, it's simple.

Use ClickReport Live Email Alerts
The first step is to configure your live ClickReport email alerts so we can provide you with the IP addresses of those suspected of draining your Google Ads budget. After you've set your thresholds, and have received the IP address of a perpetuator, copy it and proceed to the next step to exclude it.

Exclude the IP Address in Google Ads
Next, to prevent future attacks, you must exclude the IP address in Google Ads. To do this, Sign in to your Google Ads account and click on the campaigns tab. Next click the settings tab, and select the campaign you’d like to exclude IP addresses from. Under advanced settings page, click IP exclusions. Next click Edit which is next to Manage IP Exclusions. Paste the IP Address. Finally, click Save.
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