5 Reasons to Try Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising

If you work in PPC advertising, you are always keen to find a network that will give you the best return on investment for the money you spend.

If you haven’t considered it in the past, Amazon Advertising could be a great way to help your business grow, especially if you already sell products on the marketplace.

Let’s look at what Amazon Advertising is, and the benefits the platform can offer when it comes to your ad campaign.

What is Amazon Advertising?

Amazon Advertising lets you promote your products above other products in the Amazon Marketplace.

Similar to services like Google Shopping and Bing Shopping, you bid on specific keywords and are charged when someone clicks on your ad.

You can also promote your products on other product pages and even advertising emails.

Amazon claims that three out of four brands advertise on Amazon Advertising, and that 59% of companies generate their highest ROI on the platform.

Why try Amazon Advertising?

If you’re still on the fence regarding the Amazon Marketplace, here are five reasons why it is worth giving this PPC platform a try.

1. The learning curve is easy to get to grips with

Users say that Amazon Advertising is one of the easiest PPC platforms to work with. All you need is a seller account, and you’re ready to go. Your Amazon account will also need to be in good standing, with low cancellation and low late shipment rates.

2. You can reuse your keywords from other PPC platforms

Like Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, Amazon Advertising runs on keywords. You can set up a broad match, phrase match or exact match, as well as negative keywords to reduce wasted ad spend.

If you already know what keywords people are using to find your products, you can plug these keywords into Amazon Advertising to create a speedy campaign.Our top tip: long-tail keywords work particularly well in Amazon Advertising!

3. There’s a lot of variety when it comes to Amazon Advertising

There are a lot of different ad types you can use on Amazon Advertising. From headline search ads, sponsored product ads and adverts in marketing emails, you can choose the ad that best suits your product, campaign and budget.

4. You can get a lot of valuable data to help with future campaigns

Metrics are essential to every PPC campaign and with Amazon Advertising, you can get a lot of interesting information that you can use to your advantage. Amazon has a great handle on its customers, so you can see who is clicking on your ads and what else they are interested in.

5. It’s everyone’s marketplace of choice

Amazon is one of the most popular marketplaces in the world, with 200 million Prime users worldwide. This means that you are guaranteed many views and potential purchases, no matter what you are selling.

We hope that this guide has inspired you to give Amazon Advertising a try!

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