How to Protect Your Ads from Pay-per-Click Abuse

PPC abuse

Ever wondered why your pay-per-click budget is rapidly dwindling and yet, you have nothing to show for it?

If the answer is yes, you may be the victim of pay-per-click abuse. Let’s look at what pay-per-click abuse is, and the steps you can take to stop it in its tracks.

What is pay-per-click abuse?

Pay-per-click abuse (PPC abuse) is when people or bots repeatedly click on your pay-per-click ad, in an attempt to make you spend your budget much sooner than usual.

It’s sometimes known as click fraud or pay-per-click fraud.

PPC abuse can be caused in many ways, by a range of different people.

  • Your competitor may intentionally click on your ads, so their adverts start to be shown over yours
  • Website owners hosting display ads may click on your ads to gain more revenue
  • Agencies may hire click farms to click on their clients’ ads, in order to artificially inflate impressions and click-through rates

Billions of dollars are lost to pay-per-click abuse each year. Not only this, but as PPC abuse artificially amends impression and conversion rates, it means businesses do not get a comprehensive snapshot of their marketing efforts. 

Will my pay-per-click platform give my money back if they spot pay-per-click abuse?

In theory yes, but it can be hard to prove that pay-per-click abuse happened.

If a pay-per-click platform like Google Ads, Facebook Advertising or Microsoft Advertising identifies abuse, they will refund you for the clicks, but they don’t always identify fraudulent activity. This is especially true if the PPC abuse is happening on a smaller scale, for example, if a competitor is clicking on your ads.

The best approach is to take matters into your own hands and be proactive when it comes to PPC abuse. However, this can take a lot of time and effort, which can eat into the rest of your pay-per-click marketing efforts.

This is where a platform like Click Report can help.

How Click Report can help protect your business from pay-per-click abuse

Click Report monitors your prospective customers’ ad journey from beginning to end, helping you identify which customers are genuine and which are fake.

We identify each customer that clicks on your ads, from their IP address to the pages they visit and the search terms they use. Even if they change IP addresses, we still know who they are!

If we spot someone carrying out PPC abuse or any other suspicious activity, we will let you know. You can then block them from seeing your ads, saving your business money and meaning genuine people can find out more about your products and services.

Get complete insight into your ad traffic and say goodbye to PPC abuse with Click Report, all for the low price of $29.99 per month.

After all, when you’re spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month on pay-per-click advertising, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Find out more about our pay-per-click abuse reporting services, and sign up for your free ten-day trial.

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