3 Tips For Running Holiday Campaigns

While e-commerce skyrockets for the retail industry during this next month, many companies need a calculated approach to leverage the holiday season. For many retailers, the most important adjustments you can make during the months of November and December include increasing spend, and specializing ad copy for upcoming holidays- but what about the rest of us running PPC Campaigns?
All of your PPC campaigns require extra TLC during the holiday season regardless of what industry you’re in. The most important thing to determine before you make any adjustments to your campaign, is who your targeted demographic is, what their search habits are, and your PPC goals. Here are some tips & tricks for the not-so cookie cutter companies!

The Service Industry
The service industry has a completely different search pattern than those companies relying heavily on e-commerce. The holiday season is a virtual cemetery for PPC campaigns, coming to almost a complete stop around the third week in November. Consumers are too preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of the holidays to be researching gym memberships, or for help with that home repair they've been putting off. We suggest a bare minimum budget starting at the end of November and lasting through the month of December- but be prepared for January 1st! When the holiday hoopla is over, customers become highly motivated, and search inquiries take off! Use this quiet time to prepare for the first of the year boom!

Non-Profit Organizations
Setting aside a piece of your budget specifically for the holiday season is a good idea for non-profit organizations. People are more likely to donate in the months of November & December when the season of giving rolls through, and now more than ever, donators are researching these organizations before they give. As soon as the tricks & treats are put away, consumers catch the holiday spirit, so be ready to start those campaigns Nov. 1st!

Targeting Teens & Tweens
While the Teen & Tween demographic does not have the highest ROI rate, (although with the increase of tablets, laptops and smartphones among teens purchases made online are on the rise), one consistent factor within the demographic remains unwavering- The calendar school year. Even if they're not purchasing just yet, you can be sure they're making Christmas lists for mom and dad and even relaying that fantastic discount you offered in your ad to their parents.  (Kids are much more budget savvy now than in previous years). Our advice? Time your ads to the school bells, scheduled vacations, and weekends!

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