An Essential List of Top-Performing Amazon Ad Types

amazon advertising

If you’re selling on Amazon, ads can be a great way of increasing your sales.

Nearly 215 million people visit Amazon every month, so promoting your products using PPC can help boost sales and increase brand awareness.

If you’re new to the world of Amazon advertising, you may be wondering which ad type is the best one for your business. Here is our guide to the best ones out there.

1. Product display ads

Product display ads show up on other product listings. You have complete control over the type of products that you target.

This means that you can use product display ads to target complementary goods (for example, beer when you sell peanuts) or even your competitors’ products.

Our top tip is to look at competitors that have lower reviews than you. You can then use your higher ratings and glowing customer feedback to entice customers to shop with you instead!

2. Branded keywords

Many businesses see bidding on their own name as a waste of money, but it has a lot of benefits.

Firstly, as you use your brand name in your own ads, you can get branded keywords for minimal spending.

Secondly, it helps ensure that you appear at the top of the search results. If customers often misspell your brand name, bidding on these keywords can help people find your products.

Finally, bidding on your own keywords drives the costs up and discourages sneaky competitors from bidding on your brand name.

3. Retargeting

There’s nothing more frustrating when a customer looks at your product or puts it in their basket, but forgets to buy it!

Retargeting means that your product is shown to customers on other websites they visit, encouraging them to come back to Amazon and complete their transaction.

4. Amazon sponsored brands

Amazon sponsored brands let you promote your product at the top of the search page. The benefit is that you can promote multiple products at the same time, showcasing your entire brand.

You need to be Amazon Brand Registered to use these types of ads. This means that you need to own the brand and have an active or pending registered trademark. Applying to the Amazon Brand Registry is free to do, and you get additional benefits including more detailed analytics and the ability to report products that misuse your brand.

Your sponsored brand ad is fully customizable, meaning that you can do A/B testing to see which ads get the best results.

5. “Catch-all” campaign

This isn’t a specific type of ad as such, but a strategy that Amazon sellers have seen impressive results with!

What you do is set up a campaign with relevant keywords, but set the bids incredibly low (i.e., between 5 cents and 25 cents).

The theory is that this type of campaign will catch keywords that other companies haven’t bid on, meaning you appear at the top of the search at a low cost!

Catch-all campaigns don’t work for all businesses, but may be worth trying to see if you get a good return on investment.

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