Click Fraud Prevention - AdSense Click Fraud

AdSense Click fraud prevention is now possible using ClickReport, a hosted click fraud prevention service enabling pay per click advertisers to successfully monitor their pay per click ad campaigns.

AdSense click fraud can be monitored on a daily basis to determine whether your pay per click advertising campaigns are bringing you genuine visitors, or fraudulent clicks. Click fraud prevention is a must to ensure your valuable advertising dollars are not being wasted.

With the ClickReport click fraud prevention program you can check whether pay per click providers are billing you fairly, and your competitors aren't deliberately depleting your pay per click budget.

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How does the ClickReport click fraud prevention program work?

Our click fraud prevention program requires no downloads, and it can be used to detect AdSense click fraud. Simply insert a small piece of code into each page you want to monitor, make one small amendment to your pay per click campaign setup, and ClickReport will email you every day with the click fraud prevention statistics including:

  • Date and Time of the visitor
  • IP Address of the visitor
  • The Country, State and City of the visitor
  • The Internet Service Provider of the visitor
  • A unique cookie or session ID for the visitor
  • The referrer of the click
  • The keyword the visitor entered in to the search engine to find your ad