Effective Ways to Lower Your Google Ads CPA


When you run a Google Ads campaign, you want to keep all your costs as low as possible.

If your CPA is looking a little on the high side, here are some ways you can reduce it.

What is CPA?

Cost Per Acquisition, or CPA, is a frequently used metric within Google Ads. It is the cost that you are charged for a conversion for your ad.

A conversion is when someone carries out a desired action on your website, like subscribing to your email newsletter or requesting a quote.

How to reduce your Cost Per Acquisition

Now that you know what your CPA is, here are some of the things you can do to bring it down.

1. Reduce your keyword bid

Sometimes the simplest change can be the most effective. If you’re bidding too high for a specific keyword, drop your bid and see if that makes an impact.

2. Audit your landing page

The page that your ad takes a prospective customer can have a significant impact on your CPA.

Audit your page to see if it is easy for a customer to convert. Factors to consider include:

·       Is your conversion point easy to find?

·       Is your conversion point easy to complete? For example, if your prospect has to fill in a form, make sure you are not asking for unnecessary information

·       Does the content on the page explain how you will solve your customer’s pain points? It’s best to have a specific landing page rather than just pointing your customer to the homepage of your website

·       Does your page load quickly? Does it have any elements that may annoy your prospective customers, like autoplay videos?

·       Are there too many conversions on the page? Sometimes it’s better to have just one; otherwise, your customer may get confused

Check your page on a mobile phone too. If page elements are too small, take too long to load or jump around the page, your visitor will likely leave.

3. Change your demographics

Focusing your efforts on customers that are more likely to convert will reduce your CPA.

For example, if you’re finding that the majority of your sales are coming from a particular country or region, just target these areas. You can do the same with age ranges, interests, and whether a customer uses a mobile phone or desktop.

4. Improve your quality score

Each keyword in your Google Ads account is given a number between 1 and 10. So the higher your quality score, the cheaper your CPA can potentially be.

For example, a quality score of 10 can reduce your CPA by 80%!

Here are some of the ways you can boost your quality score:

·       High-quality ad copy. Relevant and focused ads can improve your score

·       Improving your landing page. As well as the tips above, the use of relevant keywords on the page can have an impact on the quality score

·       Grouping keywords together. Small ad groups with similar keywords typically have better quality scores than large ad groups

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