What Is the Best Click Fraud Prevention Software?

click fraud prevention software

Digital marketers find click-fraud one of the biggest concerns for them, and it’s on the rise more than ever today. Reports suggest that click fraud activities take away a major chunk of the advertisers’ marketing budget, and their campaigns don’t get them the desired results. Fortunately, there’s a way around it. With the help of reliable click fraud prevention software, digital marketers can put their marketing efforts pretty much back on track. Want a few recommendations? Here we have a list of the best click fraud prevention software you might want to try.

1. ClickReport

Probably, the best of the lot, ClickReport boasts a state-of-the-art PPC policing program that is designed for optimizing your ad budget and giving you important insights into your ad traffic. The software offers plenty of useful features and reports that allow for better monitoring of your ad campaigns for an affordable price. Its four-tiered warning system and real-time alerts ensure that immediate actions are taken to avoid malicious clicks and get you the best ROI possible.

2. PPC Protect

PPC Protect is, probably, the only platform for click fraud protection that covers all the acquisition channels. With a powerful cybersecurity engine and the availability of real-time click fraud data, the software lets you use data coming from all the different sources to put together an automatic layer of protection across channels. Its IVT detection technology is the most accurate available today, and it is CCPA and GDPR compliant as well. You can set it up within minutes.

3. Adjust

It’s a mobile marketing analytics platform, and growth-driven marketers from around the globe trust it. It allows users to measure and optimize their campaigns while also protecting user data at the same time. Tailored for mobile app marketers, Adjust helps prevent a wide majority of click fraud instances – click spam, hyperengagement, and click injection – and makes sure they don’t affect clients’ budgets or data. As a result, marketers don’t need to indulge in any kind of data cleaning once they have detected fraudulent clicks.

4. ClickGuard

One of the most advanced click fraud protection software, ClickGuard takes a data-driven approach to prevent money-wasting clicks and increase conversions by optimizing campaigns. It allows marketers to make the most of their PPC campaign budgets. With over 50 customizable features, the software creates a virtual firewall around your PPC ads to detect and prevent all illegitimate clicks.

5. ClickCease

ClickCease is another reliable software to protect against click fraud. It works by excluding invalid IPs and blocking all fake clicks. As a result, your PPC campaigns get an instant boost, and you start acquiring more customers. The software automatically puts all the fraudulent IPs in your Google Ads exclusion list and takes real-time actions to ensure that your ad budget is not wasted. It is pretty easy to set up and run. Reporting is also pretty straightforward, giving you more control over your PPC marketing campaigns.

If click fraud has become a headache for you, try one of these click fraud prevention software to turn things around. They can effectively optimize your ad campaigns and help you make the most of your marketing budget.

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