How a PPC Campaigner Can Learn to Live Away From the Computer

If you run PPC campaigns, either for yourself or for others, then you are used to living in a hurry up and wait world. You spend the majority of your time waiting for something to happen, and then you must move immediately to correct the problem. You may find that you spend the majority of time trying to analyze what is happening in your account, and then trying to fix what is happening, before the next disaster or success occurs. Many people, in fact, give up on PPC campaigns because they do not have the time successfully to manage a campaign. If you live in the hurry up and wait world of PPC, then there are some tools that will assist you to quickly make the right decisions about your campaign. These tools should also assist you in being more comfortable away from the computer because you can have alerts emailed straight to your smartphone or other device.

1. Google Ads Alerts

The first set of tools that you need to be using is Google Ads Alerts. These are found directly in your Google Ads Account, and once set can email you alerts every time something important happens. While you will have to discover which alerts are most important to you, users have the choice of several settings including:

  • Notification topics
  • Billing alerts
  • Campaign maintenance alerts
  • Newsletters
  • Google market research
  • Disapproved ads and policy alerts
  • Reports

While each person needs to decide for himself or herself, which is the most important, almost everyone will find billing alerts, disapproved ads and policy alerts, and reports very important.

2. Google Ads Scripts

While the Google Ads Alerts takes care of the financial part of your campaign, Google Ads Scripts help you make day-to-day management decisions. In particular, use email alerts to alert you to unusual events in your campaign. In particular, allow these scripts to email you when any of the following fall outside the historical averages that you create.

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Costs
  • Morning check-in

3. Tools to Simplify Your Life

Now that you have your life back because you have set the campaigns to email you when events happen, and you have your morning check-in automated, you have time to play with third party tools.

  • Bizible
  • Pardot
  • Marketo
  • Quality Score Monitor
  • Ad Guardian

For people who are used to having hurry up and wait life of the PPC campaigner, the change can sometimes be terrifying. Relax, there are many other things that you can be doing. By allowing the Google Ads campaign to alert you with emails when preset criteria have been met, or when an ad fails, you can even occasionally manage campaigns from your smartphone. You will also discover that there are many tools that allow you to raise your return on investment or create campaigns that are even more creative.

When using any tool, it is vital that you label the accounts very carefully. Label them so that you know what the labels stand for, but so that the enemy (anyone else looking at your data) would have a hard time deciphering what the labels meant.

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