8 Factors to Increase Conversions by 200% to 700%

Everyone wants to explode their click rates and conversions and ZacJohnson.com has some really cool quick tips to help you along the way. Best of all, they are completely free and you can start implementing them on your site and ad campaigns right now.

They pulled together some data from a new leading generating contest solution (Incentvibe) on 3 million visitors from 100 client landing pages. Only targeted organic/paid traffic saw and converted from these contests.

There were 8 factors that increased conversions from 200% to 700%. The factors were a combination of placement, wording, action taking place, dates, branding and much more. Each of these factors is broken down below:

1. Lightboxes Really Do Work

Many of us are using on site subscription forms for newsletter sign ups. Some of us are also using a “lightbox” which shows the form over your page. The user has to take action or close out the pop form. It’s really no surprise that this one see’s a huge increase of 62% in conversions!

2. Branding is Very Important

How many of us buy something simply because it has a certain name or logo on us? Probably the most of us. The same holds true for when you are promoting stuff online. When possible, be sure to include brand names or site name vs. being generic. The addition of “Unbounce” (site name) in this example brought a 28% increase in conversions.

3. Images are Key

You only have a few seconds to grab someone attention online. This one is also a no brainer… the usage of an image shows a nice spike of 22% in conversions.

4. Tell People What To Do

Look at the comparison below and it might take you a few seconds to find the difference, yet there was still a 33% increase in conversions. The difference is a “Enter” button vs. a “Enter in Seconds”. Small difference, big ROI!

Factors 5 through 8 available at link below.

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