Tips to Better Communication for PPC Campaigners

Companies can use many different types of PPC ads. Therefore, companies can try a number of different strategies to see which one resonates best with their targeted audiences including product listing ads, remarketing, retargeting lists for search ads, and dynamic search ads.

When a PPC campaigner is talking to a company CEO, it may be necessary to define each of these terms for the CEO before you can explain all the benefits of the PPC campaign that you have designed for them.

  • Product Listing Ads - These ads list several different products that a company sells
  • Remarketing - Allows the PPC campaigner to target customers who have already visited the website so that they keep seeing the ads as they continue to search on related topics
  • Retargeting Lists for Search Ads - Allows ads to be shown to the targeted audience across many different websites
  • Dynamic Search Ads - Show the customer the ad based on the content of the website they are visiting

Once the CEO begins to understand the different types of ads, and why you have chosen to combine them as you did in the campaign, then you can begin to show them how effective it is to do this type of advertising. Many CEOs do not want to be bothered with the little details, but are focused on what you are doing to grow his customer base. Therefore, you will want to show the CEO what they can learn from the campaign including:

  • How focusing on one product over another can greatly increase overall sales
  • How choosing to spend the right amount on an ad can greatly affect the return on investment
  • How to optimize the business process

It is also important to be ready to deal with different members of a company when working with large corporations. Each person often only sees their small piece of the company, so relating what you are doing to their part is crucial to your overall success.

  • Chief Financial Officer - These people are driven by numbers. Usually they do not care about the artistic value of your campaign but what you to be able quickly to prove your value with numbers to support their investment in your campaign. When meeting with these people, be prepared to show your cost per conversion, as well as your conversion rate.
  • Marketing Officers - These people are most likely to understand what you are doing. When dealing with them, be prepared to show how your campaign is influencing all areas of marketing. When meeting with these people, be prepared to show your ad position, your impression shares, and your quality scores.
  • Head of Personnel - When PPC campaigns are successful, it is often necessary to hire new workers. Make sure that you help the head of personnel understand where they are going to need those workers depending on how you are asking the potential customer to respond. Often heads of personnel do not care about the actual campaign but just want to know where you need the people

For the PPC campaigner it is important to be able to discuss what you are doing with many different people within the company. So often PPC campaigners are let go not because they are not performing, but because they are unable to focus on what the people above them care about the most. Therefore, arming yourself with this information allows you to build better campaigns with the support of everyone in the company.


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