YouTube Video Ad Builder: How to Use It to Create Video Ads on a Budget

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Video ads are a great way to maintain brand awareness and attract new customers, especially if you haven't invested in advertising on YouTube before. However, a lot of businesses avoid video ads because they believe these ads are costly to create and are a drain on the budget (especially during the pandemic when a lot of companies are struggling). However, creating video ads doesn't have to be expensive or difficult - all you need to do is use the right tools. YouTube Video Builder is one of them.

How to create budget-friendly video ads

It's true that professionally-filmed traditional TV ads cost a lot and take months to produce. While that's what people are used to seeing on TV, these ads aren't always the best choice for YouTube and social media. Put simply, the TV ad format doesn't work well there. 

Fortunately, you don't have to hire a video production company to create a successful video ad that generates great customer response online - you can DIY-make video ads with the help of YouTube Video Ad Builder.

What is YouTube Video Builder?

YouTube Video Builder is a free tool from YouTube, which makes it easy to create stunning video ads and short clips using any laptop, without any prior video-making skills. Put simply, the video builder animates static objects like images and text, gives you a choice of royalty-free music, and offers a variety of layouts. Currently, it offers two video lengths - 6 seconds and 15 seconds. The tool is in beta but it works very well.

You can start using YouTube Video Builder if you have an advertising account - all you need to do is fill out this form and submit it to Google. Once you request access to the tool, all you need to do is wait to get approved. Usually, that takes about five days.

Using YouTube Video Ad Builder

Making ads with this tool is exceptionally easy. Here's what you need to do.

Put together your ad strategy and messaging - that's the most important part of a successful ad. Be sure the video ad has a clear goal and is in line with your general PPC strategy.

Find the assets - the next step is to put together everything you need to create the ad. These assets include logos, text, product photos, and any other relevant images. This should be easy because you should have lots of assets from previous ad campaigns. Just make sure that all the images are high-resolution, in full color, and are in the same format.

Create the ad - and now the fun part. Use YouTube Video Builder to choose a layout, fonts, colors, and music for your ad. All that is built-in so all you need to do is find the content and designs you like.

Upload the ad to YouTube - once your ad is ready, upload it to your YouTube channel and start using it. That's all there is to it!

As you can see, creating video ads on a budget is easy thanks to YouTube Video Builder. Try it today and expand your reach without spending a fortune!

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