How to Identify and Prevent Click Fraud

click fraud prevention

Have you noticed that your PPC ads aren't bringing as much business as you'd like to but there are lots of clicks made on them? Well, click fraud is most likely responsible for that. In this article, we're going to share with you four powerful ways to stop click fraud and increase your ROI.

Click fraud is the technique of inflating the number of clicks on a pay-per-click advertisement on the internet. This means that every click on an ad that has no chance of translating into actual revenue for the advertiser is considered click fraud.

Third-parties or publishers use either low-paid staff or bots to artificially increase how many times an ad link is clicked. The following are common motivations for click fraud:

  • Advertisers attempting to raise a competitor's costs
  • Ads publishers attempting to increase their revenue by frequently clicking on a specific advertisement
How to Identify Click Fraud

Detecting click fraud on your PPC marketing account is crucial to the growth of your company. Nevertheless, it is not always as simple as it might be or as simple as advertisers want it to be. The following are red flags that your ad campaign may be a victim of click fraud:

Less business than usual 

Even though you continue to spend the same amount on PPC ads, you notice fewer signups or purchases than you are used to.

The combination of a high number of clicks and a low number of conversions

A very helpful weapon in the fight against click fraud is an IP address. You may likely tell whether or not your visits are real by reviewing a list of all the IP addresses that hit on your ad. Unique visits are more likely to be authentic customers, whereas visits from the same machine or machines are an indication of fraudulent clicks on your advertising. Identification is an essential initial step in combating click fraud, even though it is not preventative in the traditional sense.

How to Prevent Click Fraud

Unfortunately, due to the difficulties of distinguishing legitimate from fraudulent clicks, analyzing the IP address on every ad click would be complex and time-consuming and certainly not the most economically effective approach. I

n the past, the only method to stop click fraud was by manually sifting through all the IP addresses and looking for trends, but for advertisers with the greatest click-through rates, this is not a very workable approach.

Use Click Fraud Prevention Software

Fortunately, there are various anti-click fraud services available to advertisers. These are automated tools that look at the data for you and block IP addresses that are suspected of being fake. By removing fraudulent clicks, click fraud prevention software can significantly lower employee overhead costs and increase your bottom line. Features such as the ability to set thresholds for how many times an IP address can follow an advertising link and immediately remove suspected click fraud make these services an invaluable tool for online advertisers fighting unwanted clicks.

Finally, as an online advertising scam, PPC click fraud will cost you money, as would attempting to combat it manually.

The most effective, easiest, and least expensive option is to use automated click fraud prevention software like ClickReport. With its help, you'll not only be able to quickly detect PPC click fraud but also prevent fraudulent clicks on your ads.

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