5 Festive Tips for Setting up Your PPC Holiday Campaign

The nights are getting colder, the air is full of the smell of cocoa, and we’re starting to plan our Thanksgiving meals. The holiday season is officially here!

The Christmas and Thanksgiving period can be a profitable time for businesses, with almost 50% of customers expecting to spend more online than they did in 2020.

If you’re looking to create a PPC holiday campaign this year, here are five festive tips for enticing shoppers to your website.

1. Don’t be afraid to up your bids

The competition will be strong during the festive period, with businesses all trying to outbid each other. This may mean your cost-per-click rate may increase. If you’re on a budget, you may want to focus on some of your strongest performing keywords, boosting the amount of money you’re willing to spend.

If you’re using search ads, try bidding on your brand name. While this tactic will cost you pennies, it will raise the price significantly for your competitors. This means they will be less likely to tempt your prospective customers away by hijacking your ads.

2. Try some festive ad copy

Rather than use the exact ad copy you use all year round, some holiday-themed ad copy can make your advert stand out and get shoppers to click.

Don’t be afraid to get creative or use the promotion extension to showcase the savings your customers can make.

Our top tip: Set an expiry date on your campaign. That way, once the holidays are over, your festive advert will stop running automatically, and you won’t have to remember to pause it.

3. Use retargeting

Retargeting ads can be a simple and cost-effective way of encouraging customers back to your site over the holiday season. If people have bought from you over the past year, they’re more likely to come back and check out your Black Friday offers.

According to Skai, your customers are 70% more likely to convert when they see a retargeting ad, leading to more sales and happy shoppers!

4. Focus on mobile

More and more people are using their smartphones to shop, with four out of five people making a purchase with their phone in the last six months. Review your campaigns on mobile to make sure they look appealing. You may want to put a bid adjustment in place to encourage mobile spending.

Don’t forget to check that your website works well on a mobile phone too. You don’t want to spend money getting people to your site, only for them to get frustrated and leave!

5. Check your stats

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas are all constants. The dates may change, but they happen every year! This means you can check your previous stats to see whether your campaigns were successful.

You can see which keywords worked and which audiences clicked on your ads, as well as how much money you spent. This will help you optimize this year’s campaign and ensure you don’t miss out.

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