How to Write Influential Ad Copy

Writing ad copy

Writing good copy for your ads, whether on Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising, can be challenging.

You have to write compelling copy to encourage prospective customers to take action, all in a very small amount of space!

If you’re not sure how to create PPC ad copy, here are our top tips for writing like an absolute professional!

1. Consider your unique selling point

When you create a PPC ad, you are often in competition with many businesses selling the exact same product or service. Sometimes there can be six or seven competing ads on the same page!

This means that you have to mention the thing that sets you apart from your rivals. Do you offer free delivery? 24-hour support? A wider range of products? Mention it in your copy.

2. Make every word count

You only have limited space in an ad. For example, in an Expanded Text Ad in Google, you only have three headlines of thirty characters each – ninety characters in total!

Here are our top tips.

·       Get rid of any superfluous words that don’t add anything – words like ‘very’, ‘nice’ and ‘some’ waste space and can make your ad feel less punchy

·       Remove any words like ‘we’ and ‘us’; the ad should be about your customer, not your business!

·       Use numbers instead of spelling them out, for example ‘9’ instead of ‘nine’. This saves space and draws attention to your ad

·       A pipe (|) can be an effective way of listing information without having to resort to connecting words

·       Consider using special characters like an ampersand (&) instead of ‘and’

A handy tip for expanding the amount of space you have to play with is to use extensions. Ad extensions let you add extra information to your ad to give web users additional details about your product or service.

3. Include a call to action

When you write your ad, you want to include a call to action to tell prospective customers what they need to do next.

Action words like ‘buy’, ‘get’ ‘order’ and ‘register’ will inspire ad viewers to act, so be sure to include them in your copy.

4. Proof your ad copy

We’ve all done it before… we create a great ad, leave it to run and realize that there is a massive typo in it!

Before you hit the ‘save’ button, check your ad for spelling and grammar. If in doubt, get a friend or colleague to double-check it for you, or at least use Grammarly.

5. Check the stats

Creating good ad copy takes time. It may take weeks, even months, to fine-tune your content until your conversion rates skyrocket.

Check your ads regularly and see what your clickthrough rate for each one is. This metric shows how effective your ads are in enticing people to visit your website, buy your products or download your app. If your clickthrough rate is low, tweak your ad copy and see how it fares.

Sometimes the ad you think will be an enormous success doesn’t do well, and the ad you spend two minutes writing wins out. PPC can be unpredictable sometimes!

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