ClickReport is a state-of-the-art PPC policing program, designed to optimize your sponsored ad budget and shed light on visitor traffic. Replete with informative reports and features, ClickReport is the only monitoring tool that gives you all this for only $29.99 per month!

Monitor Your Pay-Per-Click Ads from all Sponsored Search Providers

ClickReport records:

  • Every pay-per-click (PPC) visitor IP address
  • Tag value of traffic
  • Referring website
  • Search keywords used

ClickReport tracks:

  • PPC visitors using cookies
  • Geographic information for every PPC visitor

Monitor Your Landing Pages

  • For up to 25 pages, ClickReport tracks data on all clicks
  • Receive instant notification if a landing page becomes unavailable
  • Learn landing page availability using ClickReport graphs

Reduce Click Fraud with Pop-In Warnings

ClickReport enables you to:

  • Let potential click fraud suspects know you are watching
  • Control frequency and type of pop-in warnings
  • Filter pop-in warnings based on referrer or tag

Learn more about pop-in warnings

Stay on Top of Your PPC Provider Billing

  • Comprehensive traffic and PPC charge reports show all website activity
  • Easily reconcile actual charges with provider charges
  • Instantly identify erroneous traffic statistics and billing mistakes

Use Reporting Features to Your Advantage

Basic Reporting:

  • Clicks Report - Provides detailed visitor click information
  • Daily E-Mails - Instantly warn you about potential click fraud

Advanced Reporting:

  • Top Hitters - Graph those visitors abusing your PPC ads
  • IP Addresses - Detailed visitor geographic information is outlined
  • Traffic Stats - Graph your PPC traffic based on date, referrer, or tag
  • Warnings Issued - Analyze pop-in warnings being displayed
  • ROI - Review your keyword performance and return on investment

ClickReport allows you to customize reports based on date range, referrer, or tag.

ClickReport Helps Deter Click Fraud

Maximize Your Return on Investment

  • Monitor the rate of return for each keyword phrase
  • Define when a click results in a return

Enhanced User Interface

  • Designed with the user in mind, control options are right where you need it
  • Our high quality design lends itself to a more visually appealing experience

Take Charge with Custom Real-Time E-Mail Alerts

ClickReport provides notification when:

Contact Customer Support 24/7

ClickReport service representatives are available to assist with your questions and comments:

  • E-Mail the support center or call us directly at (978) 747-6694

Website Monitoring

ClickReport's website monitoring feature provides site owners 24/7 real-time monitoring

  • Email alert sent when the connection has been interrupted
  • Email alert sent when the connection has been re-established (see screenshot)