Keep An Eye On Quality Score

Improving your quality score starts with knowing your quality score! To check your scores, log into your Google Ads account, and select the campaign you’re working on. Then, click the ‘Keywords’ tab and click on ‘Columns’ in the toolbar just below the Keywords tab. Choose ‘Customize Columns’, select the Quality Score box, and then click ‘Save’ in order to see the quality score. Quality score measures the relevance between ads, keywords, and landing pages and determines you keyword’s actual cost-per-click & first page bid estimate, ad auction eligibility and ad position. Improving your quality score, can mean reduced costs, improved exposure and increased ROI. Here are some tip & tricks for improving your quality score:


  • Always have two ads running
  • Use specific, targeted ad copy for each ad group
  • Use highly relevant landing pages for each ad group
  • Create keyword-rich landing page content
  • Create a separate ad group for misspelled keywords

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