How to Segment Your Audience for Retargeting: 3 Effective Ways


Retargeting is one of the most underrated ways to turn those who went away from your site into paying customers. In this article, we're going to show you how to segment your audience for retargeting in three effective ways.

A warm lead is a person who has demonstrated interest in your brand, product, or service. With the appropriate technique, your chances of converting the user are higher than when promoting to a cold lead. However, regardless of how warm your lead is, the marketing approach is critical to sealing the sale. This is where you must leverage all accessible user information and how they have engaged with your brand. This is where segmenting your audience comes in.

Data like demographics, the source via which the lead was obtained, whether the engagement was on-site or off-site, and the intensity of engagement are just some examples of information that is used to segment an audience. Doing this allows you to categorize users into multiple lists to increase your chances of conversion.

So, what are the most effective ways to segment your audience for retargeting? Read on to find out!

1. Concentrate on users

Traditionally, marketers put a lot of attention into channels. But if you're looking to retarget, concentrating on users rather than channels is the way to go. If you broaden your mindset and look beyond channels, you'll be able to use multiple channels for your retargeting campaigns without the usual limits set by sticking to channels.

It is simple and quick to generate lists of website visitors depending on the source of traffic. In Google Analytics, for example, you may accomplish this by choosing Traffic Sources and then choosing the right Source, Medium, and Campaign. 

Doing this will let you expand your reach beyond Facebook and Instagram, for example, because you'd be able to include YouTube as well.

2. Steal from competition

All right, quite a few people will tell you that flirting with your competitors' customers is not good practice but if you're already bidding on some keywords that include competitor names, then why not go a step further! Doing that will help you retain those users who've been to your website but then started looking for a similar product elsewhere.

Engage with those users, come up with a special offer for them, and find other ways to bring them back. It's well worth it.

3. Target life events

One of our favorite segmentation and retargeting ways is by life events. While these are commonly accessible for prospecting efforts, you can segment your own audience groups for retargeting advertisements.

Here's how it works. Moving companies, storage, and utility businesses, for example, are likely to wish to target people who are actively trying to buy a home since they may have an interest in their services. Making a new audience using common targeting criteria and life events can assist in reaching out to and engaging with website users who are on the move.

We hope that you found our audience segmenting tips helpful and that they'll help you launch a successful PPC campaign.

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