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Facebook Analytics Is Going Away – What You Need to Know

Facebook Analytics

If you run ads across Facebook or Instagram, Facebook Analytics can be a useful way of seeing how customers interact with your company. Not only that, but it can be used to optimize the customer journey too.

However, from 30 June 2021, Facebook Analytics will no longer be available. This was quietly announced at the start of April, which resulted in some marketers starting to panic!

If you use Facebook ads, you may be wondering why it is going away and how you can track your performance when it does.

Here’s what we know about the changes so far.

Why is Facebook Analytics closing down?

Facebook has been noticeably quiet about why it is closing its analytics system, providing no details on its Facebook for Business site.

However, with third-party cookies being shunned by many browsers and changes in data protection regulations, Facebook is likely to be protecting itself from future data breach issues.

There are also rumors that the release of IOS 14, which will allow users to opt out of Facebook tracking, is behind the changes. Allowing Apple users to say no to tracking will significantly impact the data that Facebook can provide customers.

What can I use instead of Facebook Analytics?

The good news is that there are still tools available to help you manage your PPC Facebook and Instagram campaigns when Facebook Analytics closes. These include:

  • Facebook Business Suite – this lets you manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts at the top level. Facebook Business Suite is only available to small businesses at the moment, but Facebook says that it intends to roll it out to all businesses by the end of 2021
  • Ads Manager – this will let you view, make changes, and see statistics for Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Events Manager – if you use the Facebook pixel functionality, this tool will let you set up and manage it

Although no one tool replicates the effectiveness of Facebook Analytics, using these three tools should help you determine the information you need to run your campaigns successfully.

If you prefer to use third-party tools, there are many SaaS providers who provide their own analytics tools. However, how effective these will be in the light of the release of IOS14 and third-party cookie changes is up for debate at the moment.

Is there anything else you recommend?

After 30 June, you won’t be able to access any of your previous data in Facebook Analytics. We’d advise downloading this information in CSV format now while you can.

Export your data, and you can store it safely just in case, you need to refer back to it in the future.

In summary

The loss of Facebook Analytics isn’t the end of the world, but there will be some marketers who will really miss it for monitoring their PPC campaigns.

Thankfully there are a range of alternative tools you can use to make sure your Facebook and Instagram campaigns continue to impress customers.
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What Are Google Ad Promotion Extensions?

Google promotion extensions

If you are using Google Search Ads, you can add extra pieces of information to your ads, known as ‘extensions’.

Extensions are a fantastic way to make your ad stand out and give you the edge over your competitors. Google tracks these extensions too, so you can see at a glance which are working and which need improving.

You can add as many extensions as you like, and they are free to add – you’re only charged when people click on your ad.

You can add different types of extensions to your ads, including telephone numbers, contact forms, reviews, site links, and promotions.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the promotion extension and how you can use it to entice people to buy your product or service.

What is the promotion extension?

You can use the promotion extension to showcase specific sales, offers, and campaigns. For example, if you sell flowers and you want to promote your Mother’s Day campaign, you can highlight this alongside your standard Google Ad.

You can offer a monetary discount or a percentage discount for your promotion.

The promotion will appear as a bold label and display a price tag icon next to your ad on mobile, helping it stand out amongst the other ads.

How do I access promotion extensions?

  1. Sign into your Google Account
  2. Go to Ad & Extensions and click Extensions
  3. Click on the + (plus) button and choose Promotion Extension. You can then enter the details of the promotion

What are the benefits of the promotion extension?

Like all extensions, you can set your promotion up at account, campaign or ad group level

  • You can include an additional two lines of text to provide more information about your promotion. For example, you can include terms and conditions, or a discount code
  • Google offers a list of pre-populated promotions (for example Valentine’s Day, Back-to-School and Christmas), making them easy to set up
  • You can choose to show your promotion extensions on desktop, mobile or both
  • You can set a start and end date for your campaign, meaning that you can set promotions up in advance and leave them running. When the end date approaches, the specific promotion will no longer be served. You can also set specific days and times – for example, if you run a pizza shop and you offer discounts on pizza on Tuesdays

The final word on Google Ad promotion extensions

Google launched the promotion extension to help businesses promote their wares for Black Friday 2017. It did not go unnoticed by Google customers, who appreciated knowing which companies had the best deals on the products they wanted!

The promotion extension is one of the best-loved extensions by Google Ads users too. This type of extension has the highest click-through rate and conversion rate of all of the extensions available!

If you haven’t used promotion extensions before, we would definitely recommend giving them a try. They’re free to set up, so you have nothing to lose!
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