Essentail Tips for Managing Your PPC Campaigns After the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming better managed and vaccination takes place across the USA, businesses are slowly going back to normal. However, the business world changed quite a bit because of the constant lockdowns and restrictions - some closed down, some are struggling, and some are booming in this new environment. For those who use PPC advertising, this means you have to adjust your targeting and strategies to stay on top of things. In this article, we're going to discuss what you can do to manage your PPC campaigns during the time when the world is recovering from the pandemic.

Evaluate business value messaging

In most cases, your campaigns will be able to keep using your old value propositions with some messaging adjustments. This largely depends on the type of business you run but the main trends for new messaging are the following:

  • Coronavirus safety measures: masks, vaccination, social distancing 
  • Being able to order from home
  • Going back to work or school
  • Working from home
  • Family get-togethers
  • Traveling around the country and abroad

If your business can be tied to one of these subjects, consider taking advantage of them and adjusting your messaging. This applies to both the ad copy and the images: avoid images of groups of people and emphasize "online", "free shipping", "fast shipping", and "safe collection".

Remember to not only adjust your ad messaging, but also edit your landing pages, website copy, and social media posts where necessary.

Optimize your spending

Now is a great time to review your PPC budget and spending, and optimize them for better ROI. 

It may be a good idea to shift budgets between different products and services, and invest more into your top-performing campaigns to maximize results.

Depending on the advertising platform you use, you may be able to configure monthly budgets instead of daily budgets and thus increase ROI even further. You should also be able to optimize your campaign's pacing, automate bidding, and apply other hacks to let the PPC platform make intelligent decisions while saving you time and money.

Review your channels and content

Despite anti-COVID measures becoming more relaxed in some places, people still spend a lot more time online compared to pre-pandemic years. They consume more news pieces, watch more videos, and use video conferencing software more often.

Even those who vouched to ditch Facebook forever because of privacy concerns (and for their personal reasons), came back to it and used Facebook Messenger extensively. The problem with this behavior for you, the advertiser, is that Facebook Lives, groups and messaging aren't monetized. However, it means that overall there's less competition, which is an excellent opportunity to try new channels and experiment with new content for your ads and landing pages.

Here are some opportunities worth checking out:

  • YouTube in-video ad placement
  • Pinterest ads
  • Google Display and Microsoft Display networks

Be optimistic. Now is a great time to review your PPC experience during the pandemic, reconsider some things, and try new strategies!

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