3 Reasons for Broad Match Keywords

Perhaps you’ve heard in the past that broad match keywords will drive your quality score into the ground by generating irrelevant and expensive clicks. The truth however is that with the proper constraints, broad keywords can bolster the strength of your overall PPC campaign.

Greater Traffic Potential
Broad match keywords have great potential and can result in more visitors to your landing pages. Ads on broad match keywords will show to a larger variety of searchers than those on exact and phrase match keywords, and the looser criteria will result in more ad impressions.

Keyword Exploration
Broad match keywords can also be great for keyword expansion. Broad match keywords sprinkled through-out your campaign, paired with the Google Ads Keyword Search Terms report, can lead you to some fresh keywords that you may never have thought to advertise on.

You Have Control
We’re not suggesting that you let broad keywords dominate your Google Ads PPC mix, but that when used properly, and in combination with negative keywords and broad match modifiers, you shouldn’t be afraid of using them.

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