Google Is Listening to its Google Ads Customers

How many times have you wished that a large corporation would listen to their customers? If you are like most of us, you have wished this many times. The great news for those with Google Ads accounts is that the three recently released updates prove that Google may in fact be listening to their customers. These updates will give customers much more flexibility in handling their accounts.

With these updates, Google Ads customers will be able to:

  • Track activity across accounts and search funnels
  • Import offline conversions into Google Ads
  • Customize the conversion windows to meet your needs better

The advantages of being able to track activity across accounts and search funnels will help Google Ads users understand better what their customers are looking for when they arrive at your site. Users who embed their conversion code on their thank you/confirmation page may see their conversion numbers drop as users move from one of your sites to the next. The user will be able to review the information from the search funnels to understand your visitor’s behavior. The discerning Google Ads user will then use this gleaned information to make sure that the visitor moves through the site on the path that leads to the best results.

If you work for a company with that prefers that your customers call in their orders or that has sales representatives actively calling on customers, your Google Ads account statistics have never been complete. Recently Google Ads updated their programs so that these numbers can be added to the Google Ads account giving you a better picture of what is actually occurring. A little time consuming, but it may be worth it for some clients.

The biggest change that Google has made is that their customers can now customize the length of time that a conversion counts. Users can set the dates from 7 to 90 days, and even has the option of choosing to customize the length for even longer.

We offer a big heartfelt thank you to Google for listening to your Google Ads customers. It is nice to know that there is a major corporation who is still listening to the little guy.


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Paul Smith
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