Think and Grow Rich with Broad Match Keywords

The importance of exact match and phrase match keywords in your campaigns should be fairly self-evident: By targeting the exact terms people are searching for, you can optimize your ads and landing pages to appeal to those specific keywords.

A mistake I often see is when an Google Ads campaign consists ONLY of exact match and phrase match keywords. Equally (if not more) important are broad match keywords.

According to John Wiley, the lead designer for Google Search, about 15% of search queries have never been entered before. That’s 60 million brand new searches every day. Your ads have no chance of showing for these searches if all of your keywords are exact match.

Broad match keywords give Google lots of freedom, so it’s important to have a good negative keyword list. Without broad match keywords, you are restricting your ability to grow your campaign and discover new profitable keywords.

To see the actual search terms used to find your ads, go to the Keywords tab, click the Details dropdown, and select “All” under Search Terms. Use this information to identify new keywords for your campaign, and to add additional negative keywords.


This week's Click Tip provided by:

Kyle Sulerud
Pay-Per-Click Account Manager

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