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Three Adwords Must-Follow Metrics

So you’re a small business owner using Google Adwords to attract new business, but you’re by no means a PPC expert. The endless list of acronyms and numbers to follow are overwhelming you. Fear not, we’ve got the basics narrowed down and explained for you, so you can understand your performance.

CTR Stands for click-through rate, and is the percentage of your ad viewers who actually visit your webpage after seeing your ad. Using your CTR you can measure how targeted your ads are. Google also uses your CTR when determining your quality score and cost.

Quality Score
Quality score is a number between one and ten that Google assigns to each of your keywords based on ad relevance and landing page relevance. The more relevant your ads and landing pages are to your keywords, the higher your quality score will be. A healthy quality score will drive down your prices, and allow you to achieve a higher position in searches.

Conversion Rate
Conversion rate is the percentage of searchers who view your ads to those who actually click-through and proceed to complete a conversion action. Some examples of conversion actions are registration sign ups, downloads, or online purchases. Conversion rates allow business to tie return on investment to each campaign, ad group, and even keyword.

Log in to now and improve each of these metrics, by eliminating fraudulent clicks and repeat clicks through IP Exclusion.

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2 Powerful Ways to Prevent Click Fraud

Use the Click Report Pop-in Feature
Click Reports pop-in feature deters fraudulent and repetitive clickers by catching them in action. The pop-in feature can serve as a warning to pay-per-click attackers, yet a polite reminder to innocent searchers to bookmark your page.

Using the Pop-ins feature is easy; simply turn visitor warnings on in your campaign settings, and set the parameters for each of your customized messages. You may choose to display a mild warning to visitors after 2 clicks in a minute, and a more severe message to visitors who have clicked 4 or more times on your ad.

Learn more about the pop-in feature here.

Soft Warning

Add The Click Report Badge
Proudly displaying a Click Report badge can warn competitive clickers that you have a defense system in place, and are actively monitoring their behavior. This has been proven to reduce the overall number of repeat clickers.

To add the badge to your page click here, or click the image below.

Deter Click Fraud

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