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3 Tips To Help You Approach Geo-Targeting

Geo-graphic AdWords targeting is crucial PPC practice for both small and large business. For the small business, geo-targeting helps get the most out of your ROI by displaying your ads to only your relevant, surrounding area. For the nationwide or international company, geo-targeting helps disperse your budget in a way that benefits your budget best. Don't waste your precious PPC dollars--Utilize Geo-Targeting! Here are three tips to help get you started:

Analyze First
Before deciding where to disperse your budget, make sure you take a good look at your customer database. It's important to know where your customers live, and you can determine this by billing information or IP address data. This will give you a broad look at where you should be targeting.

Get Negative
Selecting negative geo-targeted areas is also a great way to filter traffic and save you money! Not licensed to practice law in New Jersey? Don't ship to New Hampshire? Make sure you add these on your negative geo targeted list to preserve those PPC dollars!

Think Growth
Don't forget to think about future growth markets! You may not do much business in one area now, but in the future you may want to expand into those markets. Your PPC campaigns will always be changing so make sure to keep and eye on trends and opportunities and adjust your PPC campaigns accordingly!

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Focus On The Landing

You've designed a special product promotion, set up a campaign, and created your catchy ad copy. It sounds like a recipe for advertising success, right? We say, not exactly. Unless you've optimized the final piece of the puzzle, your ad copy might as well not even be live on the ad network. Your landing page can make or break conversions. Regardless of the quality of your content, if it is not organized, and laid out in an intuitive format, it will have no influence on the reader. Keep these three tips in mind when creating a landing page for your ad campaign:

Optimize Content:
Content on your landing page should be concise and directly relevant to the deal or information displayed in your ad copy. If your ad copy advertises 25% off shoes, be sure to follow through and re-iterate that information on your landing page. If you don't keep a consistent message throughout the advertising process, potential customers will lose focus, and you'll see an increase in bounce rates and a decrease in conversions.

Clean Call To Action:
Make sure your call to action is the main focus of your landing page. Too many images or too much content can be distracting to visitors and may lead them astray. If your goal for that landing page is to generate sign-ups, be sure to make the sign-up button the most dominating focal point. Extraneous links and buttons will just confuse visitors and take away from your conversion goals.

Conduct Multi-Variate Landing Page Testing
Once you've created the perfect landing page, make sure you constantly monitor and tweak it based on your analytics data. Conducting frequent A/B testing can ensure that your content never becomes static. Test different button designs, title text, or even colors and fonts. A/B testing will keep you constantly improving your landing page, and ultimately improving your ROI.

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