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3 Costly PPC Mistakes to Avoid in 2014

Most people understand the power of paid search:

Traffic to your website = New customers = Increased sales and revenue

However, few people take the time to do paid search the right way.  And there are three specific mistakes that I see businesses of all sizes making every single day:

1.  They are not using long-tail keywords.

In a nutshell, long tail keywords cost less and convert at higher rates.

Think about it:  who is more likely to purchase a TV?  The person who searched “TV for sale” or the person who searched “Samsung 50 inch led TV for sale”?

The common complaint about long-tail keywords is that you don’t get enough traffic.  

Solution:  add more long-tail keywords to your campaign.  Here’s a great weekly habit: go through your campaigns, grab your top three performing keywords, and throw them into the AdWords Keyword Planner to generate additional high-converting, low-cost long-tail keywords.

2.   They are not separating their AdWords search and display campaigns.

Google search and Google display are two completely separate animals.  And unless you monitor and track each one separately, you are likely pouring money down the drain.

Tip:  Create separate search and display campaigns.  This will help you determine where you should increase your ad spend and where you should decrease or cut altogether.

3.  They are ignoring Bing Ads.

I can’t tell you how many businesses ignore Bing Ads.  If you do not have an active Bing Ads campaign, fear not: Bing makes it extremely easy for you to get up and running by importing your existing AdWords campaigns.

Just follow the instructions, double check your campaign settings, and in 5-10 minutes you can increase your quality traffic by about 32%.  

Not only does Bing Ads traffic cost less, but many businesses find they get better conversion rates from their Bing Ads search traffic than they do from their AdWords search traffic.

Don’t hesitate or procrastinate!   Act on these tips today.  Every minute you wait it money lost.

This week's Click Tip provided by:

Dave Clabeaux
Internet Marketing Expert

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Is Your PPC Campaign Bleeding Money?

Several years ago, Doug, a colleague of mine, owned an online furniture store.  He was doing well in most of his categories, like sofas, bed frames, and entertainment stands.

However, try as he might, Doug struggled to make his PPC campaigns for his nightstands profitable.  None of the usual strategies worked: he was hemorrhaging money.  In fact, his new customer acquisition cost was 3-4 times what he needed it to be.

Frustrated, he made the wise decision to dig in and find out exactly what keywords people were searching in Google before coming to his website.

Doug discovered that he was getting thousands of expensive clicks each week on the keyword “nightstand”.

Should be a home run, right?

  • Doug is selling nightstands
  • People are doing searches that include the word “nightstand”
  • He is paying for them to come to his website

Sounds like a home run, right?


With a little digging, Doug discovered that 90% of the traffic coming to his website for the keyword “nightstand” had actually typed “one night stand” into Google.

See the difference?

The people searching “one night stand” were looking for something a little more than a piece of furniture for their bedroom!

While this is a funny example, I see cases just like this every day in people’s PPC

So how can you avoid this costly mistake?

Negative Keywords.

Doug added the negative keyword “one” to his campaigns.  That meant that when people searched “night stand”, his ad would appear.   But when they searched “one night stand” his ad would not appear.

By adding just 1 simple negative keyword to his campaigns, Doug instantly shaved 90% of his ad spend, turning an unprofitable campaign into a money-making machine!

Here’s a powerful negative keyword tool that will instantly identify negative keywords for your PPC campaigns:

By dedicating just 15 minutes to this task, you will shave tons of “fat” from your ad spend, which keeps more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

This week's Click Tip provided by:

Dave Clabeaux
Internet Marketing Expert

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