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Click Tip - Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 - 3 New AdWords Features for Easy Campaign Management

AdWords is an ever evolving system where new features are regularly added with little fan fare. Here are some new features that will help you analyze data and manage your campaigns more effectively:

1. Compare Date Ranges

This handy feature was introduced a few months back where advertisers could compare date ranges in one window similar to the Analytics date range comparison option. Initially this comparison was only represented in the graph above each section, but recently a powerful feature where the different metrics of a campaign are shown in each column comparing any changes between two given time periods. This makes it super easy to pinpoint any significant changes in a keyword or ad performance. For example comparing the last 30 days with the 30 days prior you can now see the changes of each metric like CTR or Conversion side by side. No more laborious manual calculation and searching through rows of data to find the significant changes in a campaign.

2. Top Movers Dimension

Viewable only at the All Campaigns level under the Dimension Tab, the Top Movers report will give you an insightful snapshot into the major changes that have occurred in an account over a certain time period. Helpful to easily find areas of a campaign that need attention. be aware though that major changes such as adding keywords will report major changes. Keeping track of your own changes to avoid these anomalies, the Top Movers Dimension puts information about substantial trends in an account at your fingertips in an easy to digest format.

3. Automated Rules

Automated Rules to manage an AdWords campaign are great time savers if used properly. One of the most common applications would be to set a rule to increase Max CPC when Ad Position falls below a certain level and to decrease keyword Max CPC if it rises above a certain Ad Position. For example if you want your ads to maintain a #2 Ad Position, Automated Rules will control keyword Max CPC to keep you in that Ad Position without time consuming tweaking. Automated Rules can also be used to pause campaigns when a certain Cost is met, perhaps you want to keep your monthly AdWords Cost to $1,000.00. An Automated Rule will pause campaigns when the budget is met and then reactivate the campaigns again at the beginning of the month.


With a bit of creativity and practice any of these three time saving features will help you get more out of your AdWords marketing.

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Michael Climer
Personal PPC Pro

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Click Tip - Wednesday, August 07th, 2013 - 5 Steps To Create Amazing Landing Pages That Convert

Landing Pages are an important part of internet marketing. Whether you are attempting to reach customers via email marketing, through pay-per-click advertising, or by improving your SEO for keyword search terms, an amazing landing page is going to bring you more leads and hopefully more revenue. came up with with 5 simple steps to create amazing landing pages that convert. Each of these steps is explained below:


So many web sites want to put a navigation menu at the top of their page, but this is just another distraction. Navigation menus are fine for blogs and online shopping sites, but when you are sending people to a page to take a specific action, eliminate the top menu bar and you are eliminating another distraction.


Just as important as removing unnecessary navigation bars and other distractions on your landing pages is to make sure they are clean. You are sending quality traffic to your landing pages and want them to take one immediate action. Keep it clean and their focus will be on the call to action.


The last thing you want to see when you visit a form or application on a web site is a ton of different fields to get started. Take a look at how this landing page only asks for your most basic information, then also has a Step 1-4, View Score count down on the site. Once you get your site visitors started with a registration path, they are much more likely to finish it, just give them something small to get started.


Offer an incentive or preview of what your site visitor is working towards. On the top right of this landing page you will see a screenshot for the 782 credit report that they will see when they complete the form. This is a great way to get the person engaged and think “wow, i wonder if my credit score is that high”? Give them a taste of what they are working for.


Lastly, the best way to get people to convert on your site is to simply tell them what to do! You will see two very simple and clear call to actions on this page - ”Start by telling us about yourself” and “Submit and continue”. Walk your site visitors through the process and make it simple, stop trying to complicate the process.

Yes, these are very simple steps and they work… however it takes A LOT of time, money and testing to best understand your audience and make little changes to see what converts best. Be sure to look at other big name offers and landing pages to see what they are doing. There’s a pretty good chance that they have invest thousands (if not millions) of dollars into these most basic principles on making their landing pages convert.

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Zac Johnson
Affiliate Marketing Expert

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